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Angel Stripes-The ANGIE STONE Foundation Senior to the Polls program

Individuals age 60 and older are quickly becoming the largest demographic in our Nation.  Members of this generation fought tirelessly to ensure that those who followed behind them enjoyed the right to vote.  Angel Stripes is proud and thankful for the sacrifice of our seniors, and we want to ensure that they enjoy the right that they fought so hard for!

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Angel Stripes-The ANGIE STONE Foundation Arts programs

The Arts are suffering reduction and even elimination in curriculums across across the Country .   As a singer and actress, our Founder of Angel Stripes, the Legendary Angie Stone, is focused on ensuring that the youth receive the very same exposure to the Arts.  We believe that a well-rounded adult is balanced by academics, recreation and the Arts.  The Arts feed the soul and make the individual whole!

Putting 'Neighbor' back in the 'Hood'

Angel Stripes-The ANGIE STONE Foundation

Angel Stripes believes stronglt that the recipe to a healthy community is to have healthy naighborhoods.  Studies show that only 22% of us know who our neighbors are.  The ability to get to know, and to depend on our neighbor has been negatively impacted by crime, technology and fear. Angel Stripes will champion this by partnering with communities with programs  such as America's 'National Night Out', where neighbors are encouraged to get to know each other.  Go ahead, meet your neighbor!